The Money Gato is a self-employed Software Consultant who writes about personal finance, investing, taxes, and self-employment…and probably posts too many pictures of the gato that is the mascot for this site.

I used to work as an employee at a software company for over seven years doing consulting.  As an employee, I was paid pretty well by most standards but I realized I was making peanuts compared to the rate my company was billing me out at to clients.  I got frustrated with working long hours just to get the typical 3-4% annual salary increases that only allow you to make so much in a year, so I decided to take the plunge into self-employment.

I’ve now been self-employed for four years and this has been by far the best financial decision that I’ve made, not only because of the boost in income but also because it has pushed me to learn a lot more about investing and managing my money.

When shifting to self-employment, my job duties really didn’t change in the transition (except for now having more freedom!) but my income jumped from never breaking six figures in a year as an employee to now consistently earning up to $250K/year.

I’ve always had an interest in personal finance but I really gained much deeper knowledge after I went the self-employment route and started reading more on investing and ways to save on taxes.

Surprisingly, after nearly tripling my income, I actually started watching where my money was going in more detail and spending less instead of falling into the lifestyle inflation trap.  After seeing the amount of money I was paying in taxes at my new income level, I started researching the best ways to (legally!) save on taxes.  This led me to learn more about investing and other personal finance topics, and eventually got me interested in the possibility of early retirement/financial independence (though I’m still far away from it).

Even though I’ve honestly NEVER enjoyed writing (I have a typical math/computer science brain), I started this site to help educate others on personal finance topics such as investing, earning more, spending less, reducing taxes and other ways of building wealth.  To me, building wealth isn’t about impressing others and buying more material possessions (though sometimes you need to splurge a little), but instead to be able to achieve financial independence and have more choices later in life.

Don’t fall into the lifestyle inflation trap!

Disclaimer:  I am not a financial advisor, broker, CPA/tax professional, or lawyer.  The information on this site is for educational and informational use and should not be construed as professional financial advice.  You should speak to a licensed financial advisor or tax professional for recommendations specific to your situation.

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